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Sydney PC User Group Newsletter 14- 19 Nov 2016

Meetings for this week:

Tuesday 15th Nov

Tuesday Forum: 9:30 am - 12 noon

Most computers acquire "junk" over time. This "junk" includes programs which are no longer used, programs which have only been partially uninstalled due to shortcomings in the Windows uninstaller, old system installations, useless browser extensions and plug-ins, questionable toolbars and search engines and unwanted start-up programs.

Today we will be looking at a number of powerful free programs which will enable you to clean your computer of this detritus and make it run faster and more smoothly.

Tim Kelly

Family History: 1 pm - 3 pm

This month I'll be continuing from last month on a discovery tour of websites with generally free access to local church records and civil registration. Many have the original registers digitised and linked.

We are looking for someone to share the load of presenting this SIG next year.
I cannot commit to a monthly presentation but will happily share the workload with three presentations. Please bring along any ideas you have or offers of help.

Terry Eakin

Saturday 19th Nov

Web Design: 1:30 am - 2 pm

This month the Web Design group will be looking at the W3C’s own CSS style sheet. CSS stands for cascading style sheet. It is a collection of directions for the browser used to make any web site look good. Finally the World Wide Consortium, the people who set the standards for the web have designed their own style sheet.

The style sheet comes with a whole series of "Try it yourself" examples to help you get your head around how a particular style works, and how it can be modified. Along with that are loads of free templates and you can easily modify or join elements from different templates to suit your needs.

The W3C also have their own JavaScript library called data and it’s free too. We had a brief look at that last month when Bob showed us the basics of JQuery.

So this month, which should be our last meeting for the year, we will dig into this new CSS style sheet and get to grips with all the features.

Here is the link - http://www.w3schools.com/w3css/default.asp
and the site to download the sheet - http://www.w3schools.com/w3css/w3css_downloads.asp

See you there.
Steve South

Next week's meetings:

  • Tuesday 22nd Nov - MAIN MEETING
  • Friday 25th Nov - Digital Photography

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