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Sydney PC User Group Newsletter 7 - 12 Nov 2016

Meetings for this week:

Tuesday 8th Nov

Programming 5:30 - 8 pm

Come and show your projects, and see some others. We have a computer with a projector, so bring along picture files of your project and we'll project them on the wall. We have a broadband internet connection, so discussion can be wide ranging.

The next meeting will be on Tuesday November 8 at 6pm. We'll see some new microprocessor applications and programming examples.

Past meetings:

At the October meeting Andrew reported he had found a more efficient way of debouncing reed switches. This is set out in Microsoft's AN1450. A PIC10F322 is used to implement a delay block/debouncer. The delay can be set as short as 2µs and can be used effectively as a noise discriminator, or for switch debouncing. The application makes use of a Configurable Logic Cell (CLC) peripheral to produce fast switching on the output. If the same application were written using port logic only, there would be multiple instruction cycles before the output would change in response to an input. Using the CLC the signal can be routed directly and only have propagation and gate delay between the input and output signals. The code has been written in assembly, and in-line (without subroutines) to maximize switching performance.

It was mentioned that Sparkfun has a way to simplify getting gerber files from Eagle files, a task that can baffle the beginner. You download SparkFun's CAM file sfe-gerb274x.cam and load it into Eagle's CAM processor. Select it and seven gerber files are quickly generated for sending to a fab house.

Stuart showed us a board containing a surface mounted PIC of 100 pins that he had succeeded in hand soldering. He also mentioned he had found the licensed version of the HITEC C compiler for PIC much better than the free version.

Friday 11th Nov

Friday Forum 9:30 am - 12 noon

Josephine Wiseman will present two short items of interest at the next Friday Forum.

Recent experience with Optus & NBN
A different take on Face book

Communications 1 pm - 3 pm

Topic: Computer Firewalls
A firewall is a very important component of internet security that monitors the source validity of all traffic entering and maybe leaving a computer. Firewalls are not designed to be antivirus checkers but may be included within some antivirus programs.

Windows operating systems have always included a firewall but there are many alternative programs that claim to be more secure. We will look at and compare some of the best free firewalls currently available and try to answer any questions members may have regarding these programs.

There will also be time for general discussion and a Q & A session.

See you there.
John Lucke

Next week's meetings:

  • Tuesday 15th Nov - Tuesday Group
  • Tuesday 15th Nov - Family History
  • Saturday 19th Nov - Web Design

Tech Tips:

ASCCA Pitt St Sydney Courses November - December 2016
Our courses for the next 2 months have now been released. Many of the old favourites are included. Please note the reply address for bookings has changed to training@ascca.org.au

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