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September 2019 Main Meeting

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Unfortunalty I was unable to attend the September 2019 meeting, tonight,  Laser, Australia's fastest growing consumer and electronics IT company came along.

In 1987 LASER started out in a Surry Hills garage, importing and selling 5.25" floppy disks and storage cases. Today, they are one of Australia's fastest growing and most trusted consumer IT and consumer electronics solutions providers. Specialising in bespoke solutions, their product range now spans more than 13 categories and 500+ products.

Forget spending weeks sourcing products, liaising with factories and poring over technical specifications. From product design and build to branding, packaging and marketing, Laser we deliver complete solutions from start to finish. Laser even ship products directly to your channel partners!

The LASER difference

The Laser customer support team is on hand to streamline the process and offer expert advice around the clock. Always at the forefront of digital innovation, they respond quickly to changing consumer demands and retail trends. With global partnerships and manufacturing facilities in Hong Kong and China, Laser are your eyes and ears on tomorrow's technology.

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