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August 2020 Main Meeting

Acronis LogoThis month we welcomed Acronis.

Ron Eo, Acronis Global Head of Curriculum Management & Training and Anna Kocharova joined us via Zoom to show us the latest Acronis True Image 2021 software.
» See full story here.

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July 2020 Main Meeeting

Camtasia logoPresenter Peyton TowlerAt this month’s Main meeting Payton Towler from the TechSmith Corporation demonstrated the Camtasia 2020 screen recording and video editing software live from America using Zoom. He showed us how this latest version includes features to make it easier for first time creators to easily produce better training, tutorials, lessons, and knowledge sharing videos.
» The full report coming soon.

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June 2020 Main Meeeting

New iPad 2020WWDC logoThis month Alex had arranged for Peyton Towler, the Regional APAC Manager for the TechSmith Corporation, to talk about their Camtasia Video Editing Software. However, Payton couldn't connect so we then had a look at the Apple Developers Conference.
» View it all here.

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May 2020 Main Meeting

May 20 Zoom Slide 1
This month we had our second Zoom meeting and we had around twenty-one members joining in. Alex hosted the meeting from Canberra and began with the usual Q & A session. The two main questions were a Windows 10 problem and an NBN installation problem. Alex suggested a number of possible fixes for both problems which members agreed to try. He then went on to show and discuss a range of free programs that he had prepared as a slide-show. » See full story here.

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The April 2020 Main Meeting

Derek AustinBecause of the continuing Covid-19 lock-down, this Main meeting was conducted using Zoom Video Conferencing for the first time. Alex hosted the meeting from Canberra and began with an update on a range of new and upgraded systems and devices to the sixteen members who had logged in earlier.

Alex, then introduced our special guest Derek Austin from Nuance, the company famous for creating the Dragon Dictation voice recognition software who gave a very thoughtful insight with his predictive topic entitled "PERSONAL PRODUCTIVITY 2030: WHAT’S COMING?"
» See Derek's presentation here.

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Covid-19 safeThe March 2020 Main Meeting Covid-19 safe

                                                      This meeting was cancelled because of the Covid-19 lock-down

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The February 2020 Main Meeting

Alex presentsGalaxy Z folding phoneTonight, Alex introduced us to the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip phone as a follow up to his last month's presentation of the Motorola Razr phone.
It appears everyone is into the wide screen flip phone phenomena and the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip phone seems a worthy contender.
» Check out the full story now.

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The January 2020 Main Meeting

HTC 5G hubFor this month’s presentation Alex used the new HTC 5G Hub from Telstra that registered an impressive 576 Mbps during a speed test. We then looked at some Telstra 5G plans on offer.Razar folding phone

We had a quick look at the prices of portable SSD drives which continue to go down in price and up in capacity. Alex then passed around the new Toshiba 1TB SSD drive which is available for $159.

As Alex had just come from the press event for the launch of Motorola’s new RAZR folding phone, he was obviously quite impressed with it saying that it is the first vertical folding phone and should retail for around $2699. » See full story here.

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