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The November 2018 Main Meeting

Tonight, was our last meeting for the year and to finish the year, Google dropped by to show us the new Home Hub and take a freah look at YouTube. » read more..

Google Logo
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The October 2018 Main Meeting

Tonight Kate Jordan, Telstra's IoT Product Manager dropped by with details of the new Telstra Locator service.


Lost the dog. Can’t find your wallet, don’t remember where the keys are? Well tonight Kate,


was here to help us locate them all using the new Telstra Locator tag system. » read more...

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The September 2018 Main Meeting

OPPO logo and The Vodafone Foundation logo

This month we had OPPO and The Vodafone Foundation drop by. » read more...

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The August 2018 Main Meeting

Norton Logo

Glen Whichello

Tonight, Glen Whichello made a welcome return to demonstrate the new Norton Core.

Norton Core

  »

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The July 2018 Main Meeting

Microsoft Logo

This month the guys from the Microsoft Store in Pitt St dropped by to tell us about some of the new features of the April Windows 10 update. If you have version 1803 you have the latest update.

This time we had a great rundown on all the accessibility features of the April update. » see more details.

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The June 2018 Main Meeting

Tonight, Trend Micro returned with an update of Trend’s Home Network Security device.

Trend Micro Home Security Network

This time Shaniel Datt brought along Troy Thomas, Trend’s National Training Manager

Shaniel Datt and Troy Thomas 

» continue reading

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The May 2018 Main Meeting

NBN Co Logo

Tonight, Amber from NBN Co.

Amber from NBN

dropped by for a chat about Australia's National Broadband Network. » read more...

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The April 2018 Main Meeting Presentations

                        AMD Logo             Seagate Logo         Brother Logo             Blue Logo

Tonight Renato Catalan,


Representing AMD, Seagate, Brother and Blue Microphones returned to give us a review of the great variety of products the Agency represents. » read more...

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Highlights of our March 2018 Main Meeting

OVO Logo

Tonight, we enjoyed a visit from the CEO and Founder of OVO, Matt Jones » read the complete story.

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The February 2018 Main Meeting and AGM

Tonight, Alex demonstrated the new speakers that Google and Apple have brought to the market.  Apple Logo Google Logo

»

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January 2018 Main Meeting

Our first meeting for the year started with a Report from our President Alex who attended the Consumer Electronics Show, earlier this month in Los Vegas. You can find all his interviews at his YouTube channel “Alex on tech”

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Jazooble logo Fuji Xerox logo

We then welcomed two presenters - Jazoodle Account forecasting software and the new Fuji Scanners.
» see all three reports here

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