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How to reduce SPAM with a Disposable email address

No spam foreverDisposable email is a service that lets you receive emails at a temporary address that expires after a chosen time period. Using a disposable email ensures you will not be bombarded with spam emails after the temporary address expires. Tests have shown that any new email address can receive spam emails within 10 seconds of being created.

Wikipedia provides a good introduction of how Disposable email addresses work, while offer a list of Temporary Address providers and show their 20 BEST DISPOSABLE EMAIL SERVICES to get you started.

THE FUTURE IS 802.11ax

Future Wi-fi representation802.11ax will become the next mainstream Wi-Fi standard. It builds on the existing 802.11ac platform, using the same frequency bands that we are already using in 2.4Ghz and 5GHz, but uses far more efficient spectrum band management. Even though the underlying data rate in 802.11ax is only 37% higher than 802.11ac, we are going to see speeds 400% faster than the current devices on the market. Even more importantly than just speed though, is that 802.11ax supports even more devices simultaneously talking to one another, through the use of next-generation Multi User Multiple-Input and Multiple-Output technology.

This will give more speed to each individual device on your network, combined with greater overall capacity on your network and your Wi-Fi signals being able to get even greater range around your home. It’s also backwards compatible with 802.11ac and its predecessors, so all your existing devices don’t need to be thrown out, they will work just fine. It’s evolutionary rather then revolutionary, which with our plethora of existing Wi-Fi devices, is a good thing. Source: PC & Tech Authority

Did You Know Your Smartphone Could Do This?

Android phoneDo you have an Android smartphone? Most users are barely scratching the surface of Android’s many built-in features. Here are some tips to help you be more productive, and to make using your phone more pleasant.

Have your phone unlock itself - Locking your phone is a basic security precaution; you don’t want strangers to poke around in it if it’s lost or stolen. But it’s a pain to enter a pin, press a fingerprint sensor, or draw a pattern every single time you want to use the phone. That’s why Android includes Smart Lock.

Smart Lock can automatically unlock your phone when you are in a specified location, such as your home, where it’s reasonably safe to do so. It can also unlock the phone when you are carrying it, and other other convenient circumstances. Source & more tips here.

Do I need a Third Party Firewall?

Firewall representationIn 2004, Microsoft released Windows XP Service Pack 2, which finally included the Windows Firewall. This helped block malicious programs from getting into the system and also from communicating with the outside world. In 2006, Windows Vista brought UAC (User Account Control), which permitted the user to allow or deny program installations, which helped block malicious programs from installing with administrative rights. In 2009, Microsoft introduced Security Essentials which included free antivirus.

Flash forward to 2012 with Windows 8 (and Windows 10 released in 2015), Microsoft now includes a free firewall, antivirus, UAC - plus many, many other security improvements by default.

So as you can see: if you are running a modern operating system such as Windows 7, 8 or 10, you likely have plenty of protection as it is. As such, there really isn't any need to pay for "extra protection" - which simply adds processing overhead and slows your computer down to a crawl.
See the source for more details at: INFOPACKETS

Google Chrome 64.0.3282.186 - Review 2018

Google Chrome browser2018 is already looking like it will be much more eventful than the past few years. This is largely thanks to Google not taking its lead in the browser market for granted. Google is doubling down on the user experience by focusing on ads and performance, an opportunity its competitors have completely missed.

Chrome got a stronger pop-up blocker this month, but that’s nothing compared to what has already been announced for 2018. Google’s browser will soon no longer autoplay content with sound, take on third-party software injections, and crack down on unwanted redirects. Oh, and a built-in ad blocker is coming next month.
Source and full story: VB News

PowerLine AV500 for Bandwidth-Intensive Extension Applications

Internet addressThe DHP-309AV features PowerLine AV500, enabling it to deliver data at speeds of up to 500 Mbps, higher than regular PowerLine AV products. This rapid transmission speed makes it ideal for bandwidth-intensive applications, which guarantees smooth HD video streaming, VoIP calls, and lag-free online gaming experiences. This device provides ample network bandwidth, enabling digital home consumers to tap into existing electrical wiring for high-quality multimedia streaming.

Convenient Setup and Secure Operation
The DHP-309AV plugs directly into a power outlet, and does not require any additional cables. Extend your home network by connecting multiple devices in the farthest corners of your home, or attach a switch or wireless access point to the adapter for additional connectivity. For convenient setup, an encryption key can be quickly configured with the push of a button. The adapter implements 128-bit AES data encryption to protect the network from unauthorized wire-tapping. With hassle-free plug and play installation, the DHP-309AV is an ideal solution to create a wall-to-wall home network.

Power-Saving Feature
The DHP-309AV incorporates a power-saving mode to comply with the European Energy Using Product (EuP) Directive. If no data transmission or reception occurs over a certain period of time, the adapter will automatically go into sleep mode to save power, reducing power usage by more than 70% and allowing you to save energy automatically, without sacrificing performance.

QoS (Quality of Service)
A QoS engine will analyze and separate the traffic of the DHP-309AV into multiple data streams. This allows for smooth streaming of Internet Protocol Television (IPTV), HD video, and lag-free online gaming because the most demanding data streams are automatically given priority. Source & more details here.