Panorama across harbour of Sydney CBD

Digital Photography Group

Group meets at 9:30am - 4th Friday each month at Sydney Mechanics' School of Arts, 280 Pitt Street. Visitors are welcome.

Present your photos on a 3D Carousel

This Carousel can load from 2 to 15 images and is currently displaying eight.

Narooma Highlights - NSW South Coast

Meet the Lenovo 15in" Laptop

Note: This image shape was made using “clip path”, while the kitten was added using Paint.Net and layers.

Lenova laptop

With the new Lenovo 15in you can now enjoy elite performance on a thin and light device with amazing battery life, thanks to the new AMD Ryzen™ 5000 Series Mobile Processors. Never compromise on your laptop again.

Lenovo's new IdeaPad Slim 3 Gen 6 15" AMD stays cool and quiet with mechanical airflow enhancements and intelligent thermals that ensure air flows out without crossing over intake vents. Calibrate performance and cooling even further with Q control by cycling through three modes of fan speeds to match your performance needs. Take complete control of your privacy with the IdeaPad Slim 3 Gen 6 15" AMD laptop. Worries of being watched by hackers or still on-screen after a video call are gone with this low-tech lifesaver that lets you physically block your webcam lens.

Fun with Clip-Path

Sydney opera-house

The clip-path CSS property creates a clipping region that sets which areas of an element should be shown. Areas that are inside the region are shown, while those outside are hidden. The clip-path property allows you to make complex shapes in CSS by clipping an element to a basic shape (circle, ellipse, polygon, or inset), or to an SVG source. In this example the polygon shape was used over a seperate yellow background.

The coordinate system for the shape has its origin at the top-left corner of the image, with the x-axis running to the right and the y-axis running downwards with all the lengths expressed in percentage pairs separated by commas. Here is the path used for this image beginning from and automatically returning to the left border's top most starting point:
clip-path: polygon(0 5%, 10% 10%, 5% 0, 95% 0, 90% 10%, 100% 5%, 100% 95%, 90% 90%, 95% 100%, 5% 100%, 10% 90%, 0 95%). Note: Each corner used three coordinate pairs.
Try it out here. Hover over the right side list for more options.

Logo of 4k-video-downloaderWhat is 4K Video Downloader?

Discover the free 4K Video Downloader and enjoy your videos anywhere, any time, and of course even when you are offline. Downloading is simple and straightforward: just copy the address bar link from your browser and click 'Paste Link' in the application.

The 4K Video Downloader is multi-platform software for downloading video and audio from popular websites like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion or Facebook. It supports the following output formats: MP4, MKV, OGG Theora, MP3, M4A.

4K is the new resolution standard designed for digital cinema and computer graphics. It has following advantages: higher image definition quality, more detailed picture, better fast-action and larger projection surface visibility.
YouTube enabled 4K video support in the middle of 2010. Today, it's the highest resolution format available for consumers and it has great potential! Check out the tutorials and download 4K Video Downloader here.

Can you name these former Australian Prime ministers?

Australian past Prime ministers This collarge was made using Paint.Net

Image "perspective" adjusted using Paint.Net

Camera images are created from the view point or perspective of a cameras lense. They produce a two dimensional view which can be quite different to the three dimensional scene or object seen by human eyes.

While photographers can intentionally position their camera for a more interesting or dynamic perspective of a scene, a hasty snap may produce a disappointing image. Fortunately there are a number of popular free Image Editors that can make changes to an images perspective.

before and after result of adjusting perspective

This photo shows how two tall buildings which appeared about to collapse onto each other are now standing straight and stable.

The Best Action Cameras for 2022

The Gopro action camera

Action cameras are small, lightweight, wearable, mountable, portable, and sometimes waterproof. They're useful because you can mount them to pretty much anything—from skateboards, surfboards, bicycles, and drones, to helmets, body parts, and even your pets. Besides price there are other important points to consider when choosing an action camera including:

  • Frame rate and resolution
  • Waterproof specifications
  • Mounting features
  • Ease of controls

Review some of the best here at PC Magazine

Best smartphone Cameras 2022

At TechRadar we put smartphone cameras through rigorous testing in different lighting conditions and scenarios, and snap people, pets, plants and more to work out how each camera fares in the real world.

The Best Smartphone for Photo & Video

The iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max are Apple's newest smartphones, and the tech giant has finally caught up with the competition, introducing a dedicated night mode and an ultra-wide camera on all three.

Meanwhile, Google has introduced a second rear camera on its Pixels, so the Pixel 4s have a zoom lens to grab extra detail close up. Where’s the ultra-wide? It’s missing, but on the plus side, a new Astrophotography mode that can capture night skies, stars, and even entire planets helps differentiate the Pixels from the camera phone crowd.

Beyond the specs and capabilities of the cameras, there are a number of aspects you’ll also want to consider. For example, getting a high storage option or one that supports a microSD card will be helpful if you capture lots of 4K video, while good battery life is important to ensure you don’t find yourself out of juice before the day is done.

There's a lot to consider then, so to help you, we've compiled this list of the best camera phones, each of which we've tested extensively. Find the results of this camera phone test at: TechAdvisor

Image Composite Editor - Free from Microsoft

Logo of Image Composite EditorMicrosoft Image Composite Editor (ICE) is an advanced panoramic image stitcher. Given a set of overlapping photographs of a scene shot from a single camera location, the application creates a high-resolution panorama that seamlessly combines the original images. The stitched panorama can be shared with friends and viewed in 3D by uploading it to the Photosynth web site. Or the panorama can be saved in a wide variety of image formats, from common formats like JPEG and TIFF to the multiresolution tiled format used by Silverlight's Deep Zoom and by the HD View and HD View SL panorama viewers. Source: Microsoft Research

Imaging Resource's New Comparometer

Logo of image resources pageThis tool now lets you compare reference images from digital cameras side-by-side. These images are JPEGs straight from the camera, and were taken under carefully-controlled conditions, to provide valid comparisons of camera capabilities in actual shooting situations. By clicking on and zooming into each image, you are able to closely compare a variety of indoor and outdoor images or the test patterns provided.

You can also download the images (using your browser's "save image as" function) and output them on your own printer, to see how the cameras involved will perform in your application. (See the copyright notice first though!). Check out the Comparometer now...

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